Dental Implants Brooklyn NY

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Dental Implants Brooklyn NY

Welcome to Tooth Implant Brooklyn. On this site you are going to learn a little about who we are, and what we do. However, and we must stress, nothing makes more sense than setting up a consultation with one of our experts, so you can start the process of taking care of the problem you came here to solve. We can give you great information, and you are welcomed to go ahead and look around, but none of it is customized for your particular situation.  When you contact the Pros directly, either through the form set up here on the page, or by calling us up directly – you can be sure that we will be able to help you get the ball rolling on creating what the majority of our visitors are looking for – a whole new smile.

Tooth Implant Brooklyn is a referral network; made up of experienced dental specialists of various disciplines, who were brought together to help you achieve a picture-perfect smile with the latest, and greatest, tools, resources, and knowledge available on the marketplace today.

Of course, time-tested solutions like dentures, bridges, and bonding are fantastic, and have their place in the world of cosmetic dentistry, but when you need to replace a missing tooth – there is absolutely nothing better than dental implants, period, end of story.

The artificial root that is placed within the jawbone doesn’t just act like a real root, in time, it literally becomes a part of your anatomy! When we finish working with you to create that new smile, you really do get a set of new teeth!


Due to the increased rate of obesity here in the United States, we have also seen an increase in the amount of periodontal disease in this country as well. This is pretty easy to explain. The body is interdependent. In other words, one area of the body affects the other. There is no such thing as just “working abs,” when doing fitness training, or expecting aspirin to just take care of the pain you are experiencing. When you work your abs, you are also working your back, and even your pectorals depending on the work that is being done. When you take an aspirin, you are also causing other chemical reactions to take place within the body – not just the masking of the pain.

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Affordable Dental Implants Brooklyn NY

When you are overweight, you cause your body to go into a toxic-fighting mode. Realize that when you are overweight, even slightly, you are experiencing high levels of toxicity within the body. This is what causes the body to create “fat,” and helps to insulate your organs from these toxins. In order to create this miracle, the body needs nutrients. When someone is overweight, the majority of the time they are malnourished. Due to this malnutrition, the body looks to extract nutrients wherever it can get it. In many cases, it starts with the bone and with the teeth.

Now of course, we would love to have a world of healthy people, but that is not the reality of the situation. Until we see a change in the way people think about their bodies, we are going to continue to see an upward trend of periodontal disease. This trend, sadly, has caused our industry to boom. We have seen a need for our services like never before, and because the doctors in our network on working on so many people, so often, they are now able to deal with virtually any challenge a patient can throw at them.

Best Dental Implants Brooklyn NY
There are generally two kinds of dental implants: in-the-bone implants and on-the-bone implants. The first one is used most often, and that is because a large percentage of our patient base has a jawbone strong enough to handle the surgical procedure that takes place. This, of course, has nothing to do with the people themselves, and everything to do with the power of the human body. We can throw garbage into our system on a regular basis, and like the time machine from, “Back To The Future,” it can take that garbage and turn it into energy.

However, there is a smaller percentage that must go through several more steps before they can be ready to have an implant set properly.  Remember, we are using one tooth in our examples, however we can replace one, several, or even all the teeth in your mouth if need be. Now it won’t be easy . . . but it can be done, and we can do it.

Once the the implant is given time to integrate with the jawbone, and is accepted by the body, the dentist reopens the gum line where the post was placed, and connects what is known as the abutment. The abutment is what connects to the crown. Once the abutment is in place, the dentist then cements the crown for a permanent fit.

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Best Dental Implants Brooklyn NY

If you have ever heard the saying, “There are many roads to Rome,” then you know that there many ways to approach a problem. The same is true for any issues you may be having with your teeth. If they’re crooked, you may need braces. If only one is crooked, you may be able to get away with bonding. If you are missing a tooth, and cannot afford an implant, a bridge and crowns may be what you need. As you can see, there are many ways to alleviate the stress of missing teeth, damaged teeth, or teeth that bother you due to a congenital defect. While we salute all dentists here in the U.S. and abroad, and the solutions they provide their patients – we also believe that implants are the very best solution for replacing a missing tooth.


To set a time with one of our implant specialists, please fill out the form found here on the page, or simply call us up at (718) 395-2820. Living with embarrassment today is only done by choice. With so many options available, at so  many affordable price ranges, there is no excuse to suffer in silence. Take some real action, contact us today, and get started on your new path to beautiful looking teeth.

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