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Tooth Implant Bay Ridge NY

Tooth Implant Bay Ridge

Welcome to Tooth Implant Bay Ridge, Brooklyn’s number one choice for all cosmetic dentistry; including our specialty – dental implants. The Tooth Implant Pros is not a dental franchise; or a practice. It’s a network of experienced dentists with skills from different areas of dentistry, who decided to combine efforts with one mission in mind – creating the smile you want, with the best tools, resources, and knowledge available to the marketplace today.

The most recent dental technology now enables our specialists to implant titanium into the jaw in such a way that it imitates the structure of a natural tooth. It is with this innovation we have the ability to create smiles that not only resemble the actual thing, however when put to the job – work just as well as the real thing too. This helps to produce a result other treatments simply can not match – a gorgeous smile with teeth that work like real teeth are supposed to!


Periodontist Bay Ridge NY

Periodontist Bay Ridge

Dental Implants
There are several ways an expert can use implant dentistry to accomplish the result they want; nonetheless the most usual procedures includes drilling right into the jawbone, and positioning the implant beneath the gum line. A cap is placed in the implant, while the gums are enabled to heal, so the implant could settle into it’s brand-new setting.

Implant Restoration
As soon as the tooth has effectively incorporated with the jawbone, the following phase of the process can be finished– the implant restoration. This process consists of re-opening the gum line, eliminating the recovery cap, as well as screwing the abutment right into the implant. The abutment attaches the crown to the implant. When the abutment is strongly in position, the crown is sealed permanently.

Porcelain Crowns
Dental modern technology allows lab technicians to shape porcelain into whatever form that is required to produce the shape of the tooth should match the person’s mouth. The drawback porcelain crowns have is the amount of time the service technicians should create them; nonetheless the healing time you will require after the first surgical procedure, provides the service technicians sufficient time to have the crowns ready for the implant restoration.


If you are in the market for teeth implants, you must be examined so the dentist can determine if your oral cavity can support gum surgery. In other words, if your jawbone is not strong enough, or has some for of periodontal disease, which affects the gums, then there is a good chance you may not qualify right away.

However, we can create a plan to get your oral health back up to the a level safe enough to perform any procedure with. Just know, no matter which solution you decide is best for you, the same level of care needed to maintain a healthy set of teeth is also required after the procedure is complete.

Set an appointment for a consultation by either filling out the form on the right hand side, near the top of the page, or contact one of our dentist offices by calling us at (718) 395-2820. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, and require emergency dental care, you can call us as well; and we will route you over to an emergency dentist we have on call.

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