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There is a lot of disinformation in the market place about dentures, and at Tooth Implant Brooklyn, where we handle, not only implants, but dentures,and other forms of dentistry as well, we pride ourselves on being to dispel these myths as early as possible in the process with new patients looking to create a set of dentures.

To be fair, there are more than 32 million Americans wearing either partial, or full dentures. With that many people wearing dentures, you better believe there are going to be some myths that are started than have no bearing in the real world. The truth is having your dentures fit properly, during the outset of the entire process is one of the main keys in making sure your dentures are comfortable going forward. Secondarily, you want to make sure you maintain those dentures on a daily basis. I know it may sound like commons sense, but common sense is hardly common practice.

Dealing with dozens of patients on a weekly basis, we never go a full week without hearing a new idea people believe about their dentures , or have heard from others. Here’s one I’m sure you’ve heard before – “Dentures last forever, so it’s a great investment!” Many of the dentures we supply our patients are extremely durable, but we would be lying if we said they last forever. Here’s something to consider, are eyeglass permanent medical devices? Not even close. The same can be said for dentures. People tend to drop them, or over time they lose their natural look; and they can even become difficult to eat food with.

How you maintain your dentures is going to have a positive, or adverse, effect on your dentures. If you place your dentures in hot water at the end of the day, believing your getting rid of bacteria, I’m sorry to tell you – you’re not. You are only causing your dentures to warp. On the other hand, if you allow them to dry out, they can also change shape as well. The best bet, when removing your dentures at the end of the day, is to place is solution’s designed specifically for dentures. You also want to use brushes designed specifically for cleaning dentures; and you want to use denture cleaner – not toothpaste. Normal toothpaste, the kind sold in most stores is harmful to most dentures.


Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dentist

Here’s another one, “Once you get your dentures, there is no need to see the dentist any longer.” Even reading that you know that doesn’t sound right, yet people believe these things all the time. As long as you live on this great, green earth, you will always want to visit your dentist on a regular basis, and have an oral examination done at least two times a year. Your body is always changing, and your mouth is no different. The dentist will not only examine your dentures, but they will also check for signs of oral cancer as well.

Interestingly enough, we get patients who do not want to get dentures because they believe others will know they are wearing dentures, and that is too embarrassing for them. The truth is this can only happen if your dentures are not fit to your mouth correctly from the beginning, or you bought a real crappy pair of dentures. As sad as I am to admit this, there are some dentists that actually sell cheap dentures because they know some people will buy them. At Tooth Implant Brooklyn, we provide on the best performing products, and if you cannot afford them we find ways to get you the money to do so. Having a workable set of dentures should available for those who want it.


Some people believe dentures will not allow them to talk or eat properly. While this does happen on occasion, it’s usually an issue dealing with the fit of the dentures. As we mentioned earlier, most of the issues you will ever deal with when it comes to dentures can be traced to the original fit. if that fit is sound, you’re are more than likely going to have a pleasurable experience with your dentures.

A particularly dangerous myth is the idea that you have to use adhesive everyday for your dentures to work correctly. An adhesive is supposed to help in keeping your denture secure until you can get to the dentist so they can fix them. your dentures are supposed to fit fine on their own. Adhesives are bonding agents, and if you are pouring these chemicals all over your gums over and over again, it can cause issues with your mouth you really want to avoid.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Another dangerous idea we have to deal with on a regular basis are people who take to tinkering with their dentures. Here is something you want to remember when it comes to dentures, if you are great with your hands and carpentry work – you will still destroy your dentures if you try to fix them. Why? Because dentures do not follow the rules of carpentry, they are ran by a totally different set of rules. Trying to fix your dentures can cause damage to your jaw and gums that may not be reversible. Better to leave it to the people who deal with them day and day out.

There are folks who believe they will be without their dentures for days if they take them in to get refit or repaired. There are some that believe all dentures are all the same, so they go for the lowest price. Others believe dentures are the only option they have now that they have lost their teeth. Still others believe they are stuck in unbearable conditions with their teeth, and have no options, and the truth is none of these myths are true – they’re all made up!

The best judge of what your teeth really need  are our cosmetic dentists, the people who are trained to do so. It’s also your responsibility to find out just how many options you have, because with today’s technology, you will be surprised at how much is possible with the modern-day dentistry.

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