Dental Implants Midwood NY

Tooth Implant Midwood NY

Tooth Implant Midwood

Welcome to the webpage for the Tooth Implant Midwood; a network referral service that connects patients looking for high-quality dental implant care with cosmetic dental specialists looking to take on new patients.

Our group of experienced dentists partnered with us to provide the residents of Brooklyn affordable implant dentistry, with the primary goal of creating the greatest looking smile possible for you, and/or your family; using the best tools, resources, and knowledge available in the marketplace today.

This new age technology now allows implant specialists to place artificial roots, otherwise known as “implants,” into the jaw, in a way that only happens with real teeth. The bone, literally fuses with the metal post, and the only way it can be dislodged is through any form of force that would dislodge a real tooth.


In other words, implants create a smile other procedures have a hard time matching. Dentures, and bridge and crowns, are great choices – only when you don’t have the option of having an implant placed. If you are able to have implant surgery performed, and most people are, there is nothing else out there that can match the quality of having a prosthetic tooth that closely resembles the real thing!

Periodontist Midwood NY

Periodontist Midwood

There are several forms of implant dentistry; but for the most part, they consist of the specialist drilling a hole into your jawbone, placing the metal post into it, acting as the new root for the crown, and sealing up the hole; so it can heal with time.

A second appointment with the dentist is needed to screw the piece that connects the post with the crown – this is known as the abutment. The process is called an “implant restoration,” and it’s where the replacement tooth comes to life.


As was mentioned earlier – not everyone qualifies for implants. The oral cavity must be healthy enough to withstand the pressure surgery places upon it. In fact, because you have to undergo anesthesia, you have to prove that your overall health can withstand that kind of procedure. Of course this is just a precautionary step dentists to take to make sure they are being as safe as possible, however many patients are seen on a weekly basis for implant surgery – chances are you are a candidate as well

However, the only way to truly know for sure is to have a thorough oral examination performed by one of our implant experts today. Set an appointment today filling out the form found here on the page; or take it one step further, by picking up the phone, and calling us directly at (718) 395-2820.

Living with a smile you are not happy about is something you no longer have to deal with. It’s time to upgrade your appearance by re-creating your smile today. Don’t you think you deserve that in your life? We do, so get proactive and contact us now!

Tooth Implant Midwood
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