Dental Implants Park Slope NY

Dental Implants Park Slope NY

Dental Implants Park Slope

Welcome to Tooth Implant Park Slope – Brooklyn’s number one network referral organization. We connect people interested in having implant dentistry performed, with dentists looking to add new patients to their base – the outcome is a resource people can use to cut down their search time, and instead get the process started towards a smile they can be proud of.

In the past, patients were forced to deal with options that left them feeling less than 100%. For example, dentures are great – when you don’t have any other options. But if you had the option of always having to fiddle around with teeth that could potentially sleep off, shift, rub your gums harshly, make it hard for you to talk, or any other issue that arose from wearing them, versus having implants placed, and never having to worry about it again – which would you choose?


Implant Restoration
Implant restorations occur after the metal post implanted into the jawbone, has fused with the bone. This requires a few months of healing for the full effect to take place. Once it does, the dentist reopens the gum line, and screws in the abutment – the piece that physically connects the crown with the metal root.

Teeth Implants Park Slope NY

Teeth Implants Park Slope

Porcelain Crowns
The crown that’s placed on the abutment can be made of many different materials. What most patients tend to lean towards is porcelain because it tends to look, and feel, like a natural teeth. Although it is slightly more expensive than other options, many patients are willing to go the extra mile to have the appearance they really want.

Cosmetic Dentistry
The term “cosmetic dentist,” for most people, creates the belief that the dentist is capable of performing any, and all, forms of dentistry that help a person improve their appearance – this is not the case. There are many forms of cosmetic dentistry, and the one we focus on here is, of course, implant dentistry – which we believe is the best option for replacing missing teeth on the market today.


Set up your appointment for a consultation by filling out the form here on the page; and one of the staff will get in contact with you very soon. The other option is to give us a call at (718) 395-2820, and speak directly to one of our Pros today.

Living with shame or embarrassment is a non-issue at this point in time. Why suffer endlessly when there are, not one but several, solutions for you to choose from to re-create your smile and boost your self-esteem and confidence? Don’t you think you deserve that in your life? We do, so get proactive and contact us today!

Tooth Implant Park Slope
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