Dental Implants Sheepshead Bay NY

Dental Implant Sheepshead Bay NY

Dental Implant Sheepshead Bay

Welcome to Tooth Implant Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, the borough’s #1 network referral group. Our team is set up to connect patients in need of implant services, with dentists who have opened up their practice to new patients. This is truly a win-win-win solution for all partied involved; especially when you consider that “affordable implant dentistry” is what we are providing as well.

Many implant specialists will offer great discount packages on deal sites, but when you get into their office, they spring all kind of other fees on you that were not found in the initial offer. This is the opposite of what we do at Tooth Implant Pros.

Our implant experts will tell you straight up this is going to be costly – implant dentistry, by it’s very nature is. Someone who can drill a hole into your jaw, in a way that allows the jaw to accept a metal post into it, acting like the root of a tooth, where it will eventually fuse with the bone, knows what they are doing – and you pay for that knowledge.

That is something that is never going to change. What we don’t do is price out patients from having the opportunity to have the procedure done; like some dentists tend to do. This is why we partner with specialists that align with the vision we have for our business – helping every people, create the smile they want, and truly deserve.


Periodontist Sheepshead Bay NY

Periodontist Sheepshead Bay

Dental Implants
There are several forms of implant dentistry, and were you are with your oral health, is going to decide which path the dentist will decide to take. Some implants will need to fuse on your jawbone, while most will fuse from within the jawbone.

This is why it is so important that you have a thorough oral examination performed by the dentist who is going to perform the actual procedure on you.

Without this examination, any price quotes being made on the phone, or otherwise, are relatively meaningless. Once the specialists knows what they have to do, only then are you told the true amount needed to perform the operation.

Implant Restoration
This process consists of reopening the gum line once more, to screw in the abutment – the piece that connects the crown to the actual metal posted rooted within the jawbone. Once the abutment is firmly in place, the crown is cemented permanently.

Porcelain Crowns
Dental technology allows us to shape porcelain into any shape we want. Because this particular material creates the closest look, and feel, to a natural tooth on the market today, more patients who need crown work performed, choose it over all the rest. One of the only drawbacks to porcelain crowns is the time needed to for the lab technicians to mold them into customized pieces.


Living with embarrassment is something you do not have to deal with any longer. We have the technology in place to help you create the appearance you want – even with your teeth. To find out what is possible, call us up today (718) 395-2820.

If you wish, you can email as us well by filling out the form found here on the page; and one of the staff will be in contact with you shortly. Isn’t time to have the smile you really want? Don’t you think you deserve that in your life? We do, so get proactive and contact us today!

Tooth Implant Sheepshead Bay
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